Jenn Lawrence is a graduate of OCAD in Toronto and is amazing at most things, which includes, but is not limited to, graphic design, cat admiration and snacking. When she’s not watching every syndicated crime show ever, she’s curating endless to-do lists and riding her orange bike. She is a full-time enthusiast of rules, regulations and more recently, wood carving. Check out her other tumblrs: filmtimes.tumblr.com and lifeintheknife.tumblr.com

Below are a few things some nice people have said about her.

I’ve been a magazine editor for 30 years (Toronto Life, Canadian Art and more). When I first met Jenn, we were both working at Green Living Enterprises. She looked sooo young and sooo fragile, like an endangered, long-leggedwater bird. She glanced briefly (I assumed scornfully) at my crumpled pile of marked-up proofs while I droned out the first change (replace a comma with a semi-colon). Then I looked at her computer screen. She was four changes ahead of me. Woah! I had to hang on to my semi-broken office chair. This woman is smart, funny, stylish — and kind to idiots like me. Catch her if you can.
Jocelyn Laurence  

Jenn’s maybe a little bit mental, 
but that’s the way we like her

Joe Shouldice

Jenn is a structured thinker with a dry sense of humour. She is a dichotomy - analytical yet random, imposing but soft spoken, reserved but wild, whimsical yet brutally efficient.  
Mark Healy

Jenn made me this rope thing for my birthday a couple of years ago because I kept yelling about how I loved a bigger version that was hanging in her living room (that’s right, I’ve been to her living room!). From this story one can tell that Jenn is:
a) thougthful (because she made me this thing)
b) decent (because I only like decent art)
c) intelligent (because I’m her friend)
d) perpetual (because I still like what she made me. I like it big time)
I think that about sums her up. 

Mike Dawson

One day in class, Jenn and I were vaguely discussing ideas for a logotype. After a little chat, we both looked down at our own papers and started to draw. As we then looked to see what the other had come up with, we realized that we had drawn the exact same thing. Conclusion: Jenn’s design skills are undeniably solid. Her typeface, layout, and conceptual choices are hot, and she always loves a good kerning. Jenn is also one of the most amazingly hilarious people I know. She has single-handedly changed my life with Arrested Development, Ricky Gervais, $12 champagne and brie. While always up for a good time, she is also one serious keen-machine, finishing all of her projects at least 27 hours in advance. You can’t help but nauseatingly admire her for this.
Chryssi Tsoupanarias

Loves Ricky Gervais and being interrupted at Chinese restaurants at 4:30 in the morning by a drunken guy who rants about politics and chicken balls. Idolizes Biggie and probably sings “life ain’t nuthin’ but bitches and money” in the shower. Has mad composition and type skills, and is surprisingly good at finding little kids’ homework on the street to add to her collection of found goodies. Hard worker, lover of British humour — what more could you ask for? That’s how Jenn rolls, get over it.
Anthony Swaneveld

When I first started hanging out with Jenn we were in grade 9 computers class together. She and I always finished the typing projects ahead of the rest of the class and would hang out until the end of class time. I remember Jenn had to wear some sort of velcro cast on her arm for a gymnastics injury - it was made of fuzzy cloth and got dirty very quickly and was actually quite gross to look at. But I was her friend anyway. Why? She’s funny. Really funny. I became quickly aware of her love of ketchup (condiments in general really). She was always generous with her fries in the cafeteria, but always added “but you can’t have any ketchup.” She loves her ketchup.
     I’ve always known Jenn to do her homework the night it is assigned, even if it’s not due for like 3 months. She absolutely detests the process of putting silverware back in its correct place in one of those organizer trays. What else about Jenn? I don’t know. She’s the type of person you learn something new about everyday. You think you have her sorted out and then she does something completely surprising. She’s pretty cool. You should hang out with her sometime. Not too late though, she likes to be in bed at 10pm. 

Ansley Swartz